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The Dune Cart with Caprice in lead and Dusty and Echo as wheel dogs.

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Mr. Lite Blue Puppy

Please join us in welcoming our new additions born February 5, 2009


The Echo Bouvier Kennel Presents...

Learn more about Echo Bouvier des Flandres
Puppies from the first litter when they were 1 to 6 weeks old.
Three of the first litter pups... one year later.
Pups from the first litter... 3 years later.
The three BAYUD sisters (from the first litter) who stayed.
Two of the boys from the first litter.
More pictures of the Echo Bouviers.
Mug Shot of Mona and Sam and Caprice on the Beach.
The Second Litter of Pups Born 7/15/00!!
Echo when she was about 7 months old and 20 months old.
Sam and Sue take a ride on a Dragon Boat

Introducing Frank (October 2005)
Meet Dyna (May 2006)

Here are pictures of the C-Litter and their adventures in Puppyland (April 2009)

Pictures of the 3 little monsters, uh, I mean darlings, staying at the Echo Bouvier Kennel and helping with the fall harvest. Buddy, John and Lilly.

Some of our favorite relatives:

Time to Meet Kyra (March 2007)
Introducing Sage (March 2007)


Carting & Scootering
Pictures of Sue and her Echo Bouviers carting.
Carting pictures with Sue and Jan.
Pictures of Echo during her first carting lesson.
Go to more carting pictures taken during the 2002 Bouvier National Specialty.
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Pictures of Bouviers pulling a 4 wheel sled dog training cart (mushing type).
Pictures of carting along the Portland River Front Park.
Pictures of our Bouviers pulling a scooter.

Here are some pictures of Moose during his first and second offical agility trials.
Here are more pictures of Moose during his agility trial in Sept. 2003.

Information on how to Photograph Bouviers (or other black dogs).


Pedigree research from my private database of more than 65,000 pedigrees. Searching for a puppy? Planning a breeding? The pedigrees and health data that I have collected and recorded over the last fifteen years can help you make better informed decisions.

Private training: Interested in carting or service dog training, or have a dog who is not paying attention to you, displaying disruptive behavior, or causing problems in your life? I can personally help if you live in the Portland,OR area or can provide consulting services and referral to more local trainers if you live elsewhere.

ADA Advocacy: Need to know more about the Americans with Disabilities Act, service dogs, service dog training, or access issues? I can assist you.

Contact me for more information.

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