We are pleased to announce the arrival of five hearty boys and two lovely girls, born February 5, 2009.

This breeding between Frank and Dyna is an exciting one for us because it will hopefully allow us to extend our three generations of working mobility service dogs to four generations. Frank, my current mobility dog is the grandson of Sam, the boy who was my original assistance dog. Sam’s daughter Caprice also did mobility work for me as Sam aged. Sam was also the sire of Frank’s dam, Greta and Frank has proven to be as capable, level headed, and invaluable as his granddad was in his working years.

Dyna has also been trained as a mobility dog and is a capable assistance dog. She has also shown herself to be an excellent mother, managing the whelping very easily, and providing excellent care to her new family.

Our previous litters have produced puppies who excelled as family companions and performed as carting Bouviers, and titled in conformation, agility, obedience, rally, and herding. Others were active as therapy dogs.

As I did with our other litters, I plan to begin early learning exercises with the puppies so that they not only learn how to learn, but also have basic foundation behaviors under their paws while they are growing up here. All training is done using positive reinforcement and motivation so that the puppies have fun learning.

Both parents have been fully health tested. Please EMAIL me for pedigrees or to get further information about the puppies.



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Additional images are located at The Echo Bouvier Message Forum